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Hypnotherapy, make a positive change today.

Do you feel trapped by a chronic health condition?

Do you feel like you have tried everything and nothing is really helping?

Do you feel exhausted, anxious, overwhelmed or stuck?

I've been there....

...and hypnotherapy helped me to take charge of my health. It can not only help, it can be the basis of a transformation.

Hypnotherapy as an adjunct therapy for:
  • IBD (Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, indeterminate IBD)

  • IBS

  • Functional Abdominal Pain [esp in children]

  • Pain management

  • Immune function disorders

  • ​Anxiety disorders

  • Stress Management

  • Exam Stress

  • Confidence issues

  • Phobias

  • Weight issues

  • Habits, motivation


Kathrin Hedley

DlpHyp, CH NGH, GQHP (MA (Law)Cantab)

 “After ten years of suffering with IBD and associated fatigue, I have spent the last eight years researching and learning how to use hypnotherapy to help improve life altering health conditions.

8 years later, I have never felt better, and am now a qualified hypnotherapist, aiming to work with my clients to help them positively change their health and lives.”


Diploma in Hypnotherapy


Certified Hypnotherapist with the

National Guild of Hypnotists


General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice with the General Hypnotherapy Register.


Hypnotherapy Sessions they work

Hypnotherapy can  help because together we work on subconscious programming that operates outside of your conscious awareness.

Positive change in as little as 3 to 6 sessions

Both ‘in person’ and Zoom sessions available.

Personalised audio recording and home relaxation exercises given for use between sessions and for continued use.

Case Studies

...making a difference

I have worked with IBD and pain management clients, and can honestly say that it is a very touching experience to get their feedback on how hypnotherapy has helped them.


In just four sessions, my IBD client went from barely leaving the house (because of anxiety about a lack of facilities outside), to going for daily long walks, feeling so much more optimistic and gaining strength. 

My experience of hypnotherapy with Kathrin was transformative. As well as helping to resolve my gut issues, her gentle questioning enabled me to see myself in a wider perspective and go on to tackle other health and personal issues after the treatment had stopped. BL, Pinner.

Hypnotherapy enabled me to recover from chronic ulcerative colitis (which doctors told me it was impossible to recover from).  It was not an overnight cure and there are no guarantees, but I have experienced and seen some pretty miraculous changes.


So what exactly is


It's all to do with your conscious and sub-conscious mind.

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