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Feedback from my clients

"My experience of hypnotherapy with Kathrin was transformative. As well as helping to resolve my gut issues, her gentle questioning enabled me to see myself in a wider perspective and go on to tackle other health and personal issues after the treatment had stopped. It helps greatly that she has suffered from ulcerative colitis herself in the past so has genuine empathy with her patients.  In addition to the hypnotherapy sessions, I found her personalised self-help recordings highly effective. Kathrin is warm and giving as well as being an excellent listener."

BL, Pinner

“I decided to try hypnotherapy for stomach pains that I had been having for over a year, with doctors saying that there was no visible underlying cause and that the only thing that might help was an elimination diet, but this did not bring relief. Kathrin was very reassuring about the process, as I haven’t done anything like this before.  She put me at ease throughout the sessions.  The treatment has helped ease my pains a lot and I feel so much happier now that I have techniques that I can put into place whenever I need it.  I would highly recommend Kathrin to anyone wanting to try hypnotherapy.”

R.J. London

“I tried out gut-directed hypnotherapy with Kathrin in the hope of helping to reduce the colitis flare I was going through. In all honesty I was initially a little sceptical as it had ‘hypnotherapy’ in the name, but I was keen to try and keep an open mind since I figured if I was pessimistic throughout I’d probably not see much progress. 

I found I could see the benefits of the sessions almost immediately, as just talking through some of my thoughts and flaring issues seemed to reduce the hold they had on me, and solutions or ways to improve things appeared almost instantly. We worked through a number of mindful meditations, which each focused on something troubling me at the time, whilst also generally offering calming positivity and encouraging mental imagery. During one session Kathrin encouraged me to try and picture as vividly as I could how I wanted to be a few years down the line, generally and with regards to my colitis. Having a goal image I could feel myself working towards was so motivating to me, I actually found it quite exciting. 

I wasn’t in the best place with my flare and really was keen to try anything to help relieve it so I implemented dietary changes, reduced stress and other things like improving sleep quality. Being in my early 20s I often found these changes very challenging and frustrating to maintain. The hypnotherapy I think helped in itself, but also helped to reinforce all the work I’d been doing elsewhere. For example, we talked about diet and how I was missing the foods I’d cut out but we’d try and focus more on getting excited for the meals I’m eating more of and all the positivity that comes with them. Kathrin’s reassurance and ability to relate, given her experience, made all my struggles seem more valid but also more manageable. I’ve really found that the best approach is not to look for the one thing that’ll stop me flaring but rather, if I can find a hundred little things that each do one percent to reduce the inflammation then I’m there. I’m in a much better place right now and that is thanks, in part, to doing hypnotherapy. “

Nick, London

“Kathrin is a consummate professional who put me a great ease during our sessions. She not only created an environment within our sessions which allowed me to be fully relaxed and open with her, but continuously encouraged me and gave me the tools to address personal struggles related to injuries and phobias. 

I sustained an ankle injury over two years ago, and sought the help of Kathrin to aid my healing process. After 2 years of being scared of potentially harming my ankle again, I played basketball for the first time 2 weeks ago and loved every moment of it.

I believe Kathrin was an incredibly significant part of why I was able to finally do this.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to address issues of confidence, self-esteem, anxiety or phobias that might affect their every day.

Dario, London
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